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Rain Delay?!?
Rain Delay?!?

Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect stage to perform on should be. Me personally? Well I have played on stages so small you can barely fit one person on it all the way to a stage so large it was meant for thousands to view. Recently I had a performance where the stage was simply part of the deck on a marina. Excellent view, relaxed atmosphere, with boats pulling in and out of the harbor. There was only one problem. It was soaked.

Yes the stage was covered by a second floor but unfortunately the second floor was also a deck and the rain just leaked right on through. In my younger days I would have waited for the rain to stop and then set up and try to play the gig. Nowdays not so much. If the only place we have to stand is in a puddle of water that cant be dried or under a leaky roof, the gig pretty much is not going to happen. I dont know about you but you have never felt anything like going to sing into your microphone and feeling the kiss of Zeus on your face or holding on to your electric guitar with one hand and accidentally grounding out with your other hand by touching someone or something. So yeah, “RAIN DELAY” I am not going to zap myself or risk hospitalization for a gig. Just a thought.

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