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Project: Desert Rain Compilation

Date: August 03, 2014

Desert Rain

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Desert Rain

The Wilbanks, the New Way Quartet, Mark Mireles, and Michael Carlen have collaborated to offer up a “cool drink of water” for thirsty souls. Their soothing worship songs bring instant refreshment to a life parched by the cares and concerns that so often define the human existence.  Their music will reach into your life, quenching the pain of disappointment, frustration and even grief. As it calls your soul to worship, Desert Rain will bring life-giving water to a dry, thirsty land…and so the members of this collaborative effort offer up their prayer for you, “Let it rain, oh, Lord. Let it rain.”

Artist Compilation Links:

The WIlbanks: http://www.wilbankssingers.com/

MIchael Carlen: https://twitter.com/MikeCarlen

The New Way Quartet: Facebook 

Mark Mireles: Reverb Nation



Track List:

*Lift Him (A Little Bit Higher) (The Wilbanks)

* Waiting For You (Mark Mireles) 

* I’ll Go With You (Michael Carlen) 

* That Little Baby (New Way Quartet) 

* Midnight Cry (Michael Carlen) 

* Ain’t Nobody Like Him (The Wilbanks) 

* All You Ever Wanted (Mark Mireles)

* Roll Away (New Way Quartet) 

* You Are My Lord (Michael Carlen) 

* As If the Cross Was Not Enough (New Way Quartet) 

* To Be Broken (The Wilbanks) 

* My Day * Remix (Mark Mireles)