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Project: Mark Mireles

Date: August 03, 2014


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The Debut release “FREE” features 11 New original tracks from Mark Mireles. The Release “All You Ever Wanted” topped Indie Christian Music charts for over 6 months straight. This release features the talents of many of Mark’s close friends in the industry. 

“For in You I find my shelter, and in You I find my strength. The living water that flows has made me whole, by Your blood I have been saved” – This quote was taken from Mark Mireles’ song You Are Jesus. 


Track List:

1. All You Ever Wanted

2. Spinning Around

3. Waiting For You

4. Come and Save Me

5. Infinite Love

6. My Day

7. I Don’t Want You To Go Away

8. You Are jesus

9. Free

10. On My Knees

11. My Day Remix


Album Credits:

Mark Mireles: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Ebow, Steel Drums

Chris Portman: Drums, Percussion, Rhythm Guitar

Allen Portman: Bass

David Robertson: 5 String Strat Rhythm Guitar

Jamie Casco: Keyboards

Dave Marcellin: Rhodes, Acoustic Piano

Darrell Alexander: Steel Guitar

Jeff Gleason: Percussion

Cesar Ruiz: Background Vocals

Rod Medillon: Background Vocals

Terry Wilbanks: Background Vocals