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Project: Meet The Tropicats

Date: August 03, 2014

Meet the Tropicats

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Meet the Tropicats

The original Debut release of the Tropicats “Meet The Tropicats” is once again available! 

Featuring the talents of Mark Mireles, Doug Deforest, Ken Reynolds, Allen Huff, Walter Cross, Robert Coler, Dixon Shanks & James Marshall. 8 Solid tracks to put you in that island mood. 

Enjoy the sounds of the steel drum and cool caribbean rhythms as these songs carry you off to paradise.

Artist Links:

Doug Deforest

Ken Reynolds

Robert Coler

Walter Cross


Track List:

1. Calling All Congas

2. You

3. Los Gatos y Tropical

4. Me

5. Rainman 687

6. Tammy

7. Island Girl

8. Kristina